My menifesto  

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Everyone is worthy of time, attention and caring-
Everyone has something to teach and something to learn, regardless of their past or the present,
and deserves the chance to do both.

So yes, I am conservative, and YES I have ______ friends,
because any belief system that separates one person from another is evil,
its as simple as that,

My God is a Lord of Love, a bringer of healing and understanding among men,
MY God is a God of relationships-
God wants your relationship with him to be so good, so fulfilling that it effects the way you see relationships period.

If you have a relationship with God, pettiness shames you, backstabbing saddens you, lies and gossip enrage- you should always seek to offer the best of yourself to everyone around you!

Anything less is a slap in the face to any God you claim to worship.

And then the judgement...  

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  • But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed. (Isaiah 53:5 NKJV)

    Its not our place as Christians to look at others in judgment, but in Love- trying always to see them as Christ would see them

    And its definitely not our place to say who can and cannot help build the kingdom of heaven!
    (God can and DOES works through every vessel, because every hair on your head is HIS)

    God doesn't want or respect our promises- they mean nothing to him-

    He wants our submission to his will in our lives in ALL THINGS.

    He NEEDS us to show love and honor to him with our lives and how we live.

    He wants everything!

    Our promises are nothing next to the, complete and total surrender of our lives to an almighty GOD.
    I just wish sometimes Christians were as forward about their salvation as they were about their individual convictions (headcovering, skirts only, diet, modesty, sexuality, etc)

    we get all caught up in the law and forget whats important!

    All of the things Jesus calls us individually to do in our lives, is nothing if we aren't talking about how He died for us.


    Mark Abukoff

    I am Mary
    and I have sinned
    mundane and outrageous
    blatant and unintended
    innocence and vice
    and I am washed clean

    how did he know that thousands of years after he died
    I would need him
    and he'd be there?
    How did he know that tonight I would try
    and fail yet again
    only to be caught
    and saved

    His hands
    impaled on the crucifix
    wash me clean
    bear the brunt of my sin
    and bless me in His name

    I am Mary
    I am all His children
    washed clean
    and saved.


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Boredom is a self-accusation.

it means that we've run out of "fun" stuff to do,
which only leaves the "not-so-fun"

which, if we're being honest, we should probably be doing anyway...

And if you WERE doing that instead of cruising Facebook like the networking zombie that you are-
You'd discover you weren't bored anymore!!
(dirty, tired, annoyed, and covered in dog hair maybe- but NOT BORED!)

Let all things be done decently and in order.
1 Corinthians 14:39-40

Now I'm gonna go bag some trash!! WITH GUSTO!!



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I have very high standards for who I consider a friend, chances are-
you don't meet them.
Don't feel bad though, most don't.

A friend is someone I can trust with my life,
and the lives of others if it comes to it, my deepest thoughts, my finances, my cellphone, my boyfriend, and general mental health,
I can hand all of these things to my friend and go to Tahiti for a year with no worries because I know her/his character just as well as they should know mine.

Friends have boundaries,
we have things we DON'T talk about, things we wouldn't share and a friend knows when not to press certain subjects, not because we are hiding things, but because sometimes its not relevant.

Friends respect each other, they don't worship each other,
if we are not on even ground, we cant be friends, you have to be able to look each other in the eye.

You may ask my opinion on something, but its certainly not gospel,
so I respect your choice not to listen without getting angry, and I expect the same.
(although we can expect an occasional "I told you so")

We are not going to agree, but we will always put our relationship first in any conflict- bros before hoes has a good tang to it I think,
but a true friend will try their best to never put you in a position where you have to choose between someone you care about or them.

And the biggest, hardest thing, A friend knows when to let go-
because sometimes friendships fade, sometimes people change so that they no longer can be considered friends, and sometimes YOU change so much that you can't be a friend to anyone.

Also, sometimes they just don't talk for long periods of time because of life,
be mature enough not to freak out and they'll come back eventually, your too awesome to ignore!!

Being a good friend is a sacred thing, an honor, a burden and a trust, not everyone can be a friend and not everyone has one.
I'm tremendously blessed to have as many as I do :-D

Vlog; Sharing my heart...  

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The fury that wasn't  

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"Modesty is a wall to the uninvited, a guardian to what is protected, an invitation to the respectful, a statement of values to the unbeliever, a sense of dignity to the culture that wages war on our worth and a gift of honor to the One we represent."
Shara McKee

Oh, but so GREAT is this need inside me-

That I would first peel off my skin and salt my bleeding flesh than to give up ANYHTING that would make me attractive,

anything that would prevent what is really inevitable,

a rejection of my own flesh, my own humanity-

Not from the devil world,

Not from some outside source seeking to destroy,

but from me, rejecting the thing of flesh and bone that is myself.

But when this enevitable betrayal is done,

and I have cast myself off like the disgusting trash I am-

Who will I be?

Overruled: Goverment Invation of your parental rights (official movie)  

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Things that touched me today...  

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Luckily for you they were BOTH on youtube!!

This song is beautiful and so true to my experience


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Theology is the practice of using big words and complex "catch phrases" to explain that which is usually very simple.

I wanted to elaborate on this statement, but sometimes you just can't add to perfection!
Any thoughts?